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Kinesiology for Your Best Treatment Plan at our Thousand Oaks Chiropractor

Kinesiology is a way for a chiropractor to study how the organs inside the body are working. Applied Kinesiology is used to help diagnose imbalances in your body from nutrition to mental imbalances. When it comes to Applied Kinesiology you will find, like many other holistic chiropractic methods, that to fix a problem you have to treat the body as a whole. At Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center, we treat the body as a whole instead of masking your issues, this leads to an overall wellness when our patients follow our treatment plans. 

Woman With Pink Kinesio Tape On Her Neck And Shoulder

How can a Chiropractor Use Kinesiology?

Kinesiology helps us to study your body movements through muscle testing. By pressing on various locations, referred to as keys, we can gauge your reaction and diagnose underlying problems. 

A detailed examination is done first, including a medical history and overall checkup. Then a general test to examine reflexes and balance is often preformed to diagnose and get to know the patient’s body better. A muscle strength test is and a trigger point test is then preformed to check out the issues that may exist within the muscular system. For food tests, the patient may place a small sample of a food in the mouth while the doctor tests muscles. For emotions, the patient is directed to remember an event or think of something that is good or upsetting while certain areas in the body are tested. Kinesio is used for more than just testing though, Kinesio tape is used to help support certain muscles and can even help heal and build when applied correctly.

What is Kinesiology Used to Treat?

Applied Kinesiology can be used as part of the treatment plan for ailments ranging from chemical imbalances, to spinal pain, to digestive issues, and many more. According to studies, the practice can even be used to treat symptoms of ADHD due to the neural organization technique. The theory behind Kinesiology is that certain elements in our body become misaligned and can be physically realigned to fix conditions. The theory is not unlike acupuncture, but it also aligns with a chiropractor’s mindset. Think of it as a combination of the ancient and proven technique of acupuncture and the modern science of spinal alignment. 

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