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Lifting Injuries: Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Lifting Injuries

Most people suffer from a lifting injury at some point in their lives, causing neck pain, lower back pain, stress, and an inability to participate in your normal daily activities. At Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center in Thousand Oaks, our chiropractor is here to help you recover from your lifting injury.

Causes of Lifting Injuries

There are many different ways that lifting injuries happen. Some lifting injuries happen during physical exercise while lifting weights. This can happen due to improper form or lifting a weight that is too heavy for your current strength level. Lifting injuries can happen at work as well. Picking a heavy box up off the ground or moving heavy equipment can cause a lifting injury to happen. Improper work ergonomics, such as slouching at a desk or having a computer too close to your body, may exacerbate lifting injuries.

Lifting Injury Stress Relief and Treatment

When you come in for an appointment, our chiropractor will meet with you and evaluate your neck, shoulder, or lower back pain. We'll talk with you about how your injury occurred, and discuss different lifestyle factors (such as exercise, eating habits, work ergonomics, sleep) that may be making your injury better or worse. We'll develop a treatment plan to help set your body on the path to recovery. If we both agree that chiropractic treatment is a good fit for you, we'll move forward with your first chiropractic treatment. This may involve a variety of treatment modalities, such as chiropractic adjustment, medical massage, spinal decompression, and more. Of course, you're in charge of your own care- your treatment plan is ultimately your decision.

Call Our Thousand Oaks Chiropractor

If you're suffering from a lifting injury, help is available without the use of addictive painkillers and expensive medical treatments. At Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center, we're here to help your body heal in the most natural way possible. Call our Thousand Oaks office at 805-468-4437 to schedule your first appointment today.

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